There will be a total lunar eclipse happening on the evening of 28th August 2007. Unfortunately, the first half of the eclipse will not be visible, as the Moon has not risen yet. When the Moon finally rise at 7.10pm, the eclipse has already well into the totality phase. The totality phase will end at 7.22pm, when the Moon is just 2 degrees above the Eastern horizon. Too bad, as there are high chances, we'll miss this part, due to the low elevation. 

Partial eclipse phase follows for the next one hour, in which the Moon will slowly reappear  behind Earth's shadow. At 8.23pm, the Moon will be back to full Moon phase, although officially, is still in eclipse (the penumbra phase).  

The USM Astronomy Club and the Astronomy and Atmospheric Science Unit of USM are organizing an observation of the event within the USM compound on a hill overlooking the Penang Bridge (outside the Astronomy and Atmospheric Science Unit building) begining 7pm on that day.

All are welcome.

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