UPDATED!!! 19/1/2007

Sad to say, after so many attempts, the comet has not been sighted. Although theorectically it can still be seen, it would be rather difficult. 

Let us hope that we will have better luck next time.


The observation of the comet was not successful on the 14th Jan 2007. There were too much cloud at where the comet suppose to be.

Another observation was planned on 15th and maybe on the 16 and 17 too, before the comet gets too low in the horizon at sunset. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 



Sorry for the short notice!

In case you don't know it, the brightest comet in decades is here. While people in Northern Hemisphere has seen it, Malaysia opportunity has just started, but only for these few days. 

Today (14th January) is one of the better days

, weather permitting. To view the comet, you MUST have a clear view of the sunset (ie WEST). Note the location where the sun is setting. As soon as the sun sets, look upward from where the sun set for about 5 degrees. That is where the comet is. There must not be any thick cloud over at the location or you'll miss spotting the comet. (Start praying). Use a binoculars if you have one. But remember, don't use it to look at the Sun! Permanent blindness will occurs.

 OR better still, you can join me for the observation. I'll be observing it from near my house at Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar, Penang. The sun set at 7.22pm. So make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes earlier. 


Direction: From Airport, go towards Teluk Kumbar/Balik Pulau. You'll pass through a narrow road of Bayan Lepas town. At the edge of the town is a junction with traffic lights. Go straight. (turn left and you'll go to batu maung) Drive 3 km of mostly winding road, look for a junction on the left with a mosque. Turn left. Then immediate turn right at first junction. Go till the end of the road before turning left. The observati

on site is about 50 meters after the final turn.

If  you are coming,  I appreciate if you can give me a call at 012-431 7980 so that I can expect you. Do forget to  tell anyone whom you think  would be interested to view the  comet.  And dont'  forget to bring your camera!!!

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