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This is a highly afforadable, perfect telescope for beginners. Very easy to setup and use. Highly portable too.

Not only that. It has enough light gathering to see some galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, comet and much more. Not to mention, craters on the Moon too.

Comes complete with 2 eyepieces for low to medium power. Additional eyepieces may be purchase separately for higher power capability. 



Mirror Diameter : 76mm

Focal Length : 300mm

10mm and 25mm 1.25" eyepiece

5x24mm finder scope 



Updated: We have also offer package of scope with solar filter. Just add RM50 if you have to include solar filter with this scope. 

** Solar filter price is RM70 if purchase separately. So, please mention that you want the solar filter package when order

You can't get any cheaper than this for real optical grade telescope

Did we mention, shipping is free within Peninsular Malaysia!!!

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