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SORRY OUT OF STOCK - We have BK15075EQ3 in stock which comes with bigger mirror and mount.


- Diameter/Aperture: 130mm
- Focal Length: 900mm
- Aluminized and overcoated mirrors
- 6x24 finderscope
- 130mm primary mirror collects 30% more light than the 114mm, resulting better image resolution and brighter image
- Smooth rack-and-pinion 1.25" focuser





Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Lens Material  
Diameter 130mm
Focal Length 900mm
Scondary Mirror Diameter 34.5mm
F/ratio F/7
Highest Practical Power 260x
Faintest Steller Magnitude 13.3
Resoving Power 0.9
Finderscope Red Dot Finder*
Focuser diameter 1.25”
Diagonal n/a
Eyepiece(s) 1.25” Super 20 and 10*
Mount Type Equatorial
Slow-motion Control RA & DEC
Counterweight(s) 3.5Kgs
Piggyback Bracket Yes
Accessory Tray Wall-to-wall
Ground Board Diameter n/a
Ground Board Weight(s) n/a
Motor Drive Single Axis (Optional)*
Go-to n/a
Tube Weight 4.21Kgs
Tube Dimension(dia. x length) 17cm x 83cm
Tripod Height 71-123cm
Shipping Weight 20.1 Kgs
Shipping Carton Dimensions 111 x 51.5 x 28.5 cm3

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