Have you prepared yourself for the ultimate annular solar ecllpse of the year 2019?

It is only 2 weeks away!

Everyone can view the solar eclpse. However, you'll need to view it safely. 

Protect yourself from harmful ray of the Sun especially UV and IR. Both ray can't be seen by our naked eyes but they are very, very dangerous. 

As this is annulus solar eclipse (unlike total solar eclipse), you'll need solar filter to view the eclipse at all time, even when the Moon totally goes inside the disc of the Sun. 

We are offering 8 inch x 8 inch square solar filter sheet, which block 100% UV and IR and only transmit 0.001% visible light. They are totally safe for naked eye viewing, or viewing through binocular or telescope. 

And we are selling them cheaper than you can get elsewhere!

Price: RM50 including shipping (within Peninsular Malaysia)


For ordering, please email us at [email protected]

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