There are many schools in Malaysia that has an astronomy club. Sometimes, the club is included inside the Science Society. I am sure most schools have the science society. Therefore you can add in astronomy.

There are also astronomy clubs open to public. Here is the list of the club that I'm aware of.

USM Astronomy Club
Advisor: Dr. Chong Hon Yew
Observation held every Friday night. Please see the Exhibitions, Observations and Events section of the forum for more details.

Starfinder Astronomical Society
Enquiries : [email protected]
Postal Address:
Persatuan Kaji Bintang Star-Finder Selangor & Kuala Lumpur
No.413 Jalan Sekolah
Kepong Ulu
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone No.: 603-62758158 (Mr. Pang)
6019-3520592 (Mr. Mo)
6016-2230048 (Tommy)
Fax No.: 603-62758158

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