This is probably the most beautiful open clusters in the night sky. With your naked eye, you can easily see 6 bright stars that formed the clusters. Using a small telescope, you'll be able to see a couple hundred more.
Most civilisations have their own version of the clusters. The chinese call it the 'seven sisters'. One of the sister is said to be shy, therefore you can only see 6 at any time. The japanese car maker, Subaru, used this star cluster as their logo. 
Best seen around december, it is not far away from Orion, the hunter and Taurus, the Bull. 
Photography Detail:
Taken by C. K. Lim from Penang on 25th Sept 2008. Canon 300D camera, 500mm ED refractor. This is a stack of 14 images each 180seconds long @ 800ASA setting. 

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