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Perseid 80mm F7.5 Achromat Refractor

This refractor offers several added feature compare to the other similarly priced 80mm refractor in the market.

Retractable dewshield - the first time a budget refractor is offered with this feature. With the dewshield fully retracted, the scope measures only 19.5 inches, well suitable to be hand-carried into an airplane. 

Longer F-ratio - a longer F ratio of F7.5 means the scope exhibits lesser chromatic abberation compared to the shorter ones.

Tons of accessories included - it comes with 6x30mm finderscope, 25mm and 10mm 1.25" eyepieces, a diagonal, 2x barlow and extender tube, if you need to observe an extra close object.

The telescope comes with an extra heavy duty camera/video tripod. The telescope is excellent for bird-watching. For astronomy uses, we would recommend that you  get the EQ mount too.


80mm F7.5 telescope on photo/video tripod    RM1295

For astronomy use, an EQ3-2 mount is recommended. The mount is priced at RM1395.

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