There will be a partial Lunar Eclipse this coming 26th June 2010 at sunset.

As the eclipse starts before moonrise, we will miss half of the event. Still, if the sky is good, we will be treated with a very nice eclipse Moon rising.

The eclipse begins at 4:57pm with penumbral stage. Most of us will not aware of this stage as there are very minimal changes in the appearance of the Moon. However, beginning from 6:17pm, you can start to see the shadow of the Earth starting to cover the Moon. This mark the beginning of umbral stage.

Maximum coverage of the Moon will occur at 7.39pm, where ~50% of the Moon will be within the Earth's shadow.

The umbral stage will ends at 9pm follows by the penumbral at 10.19pm.


You can use your naked eye to witness the whole event. However, for better view, use a binoculars or a small telescope.

On that day, the Moon will rise at 7.31pm. That means, as you as the Moon rises, it will be at mid eclipse (best show). Look toward the southeast direction. For those is Penang, best view will be along the coastal road looking towards the Penang Bridge or mainland.

For photographers, this is a good opportunity to take eclipsed Moon with famous landmarks such as the Penang Bridge. Use telephoto lens around 200mm or more.

4:57pm: Penumbral eclipse begin
6:17pm: Umbral eclipse begin
7:31pm: Moon rises
7:39pm: Greatest eclipse
9:00pm: Umbral eclipse end
10:19pm: Penumbral eclipse end

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