Exactly one week from today, we would be able to see the annual Leonid Meteor Shower. For many years now, Leonid Meteor Shower wasn't a good event to get me up from bed early. Typically, you may see 20 or 30 meteors per hour at best (usually less than 10). However, this year is different. Experts forecast that this year, the Leonid will put up a good show. The prediction for this year is about 300 meteors per hour!!!  And best of all, we at Asia is favourable positioned.

On the early morning of the 18th November 2009, between 5-6am, the number of  Leonid meteor is expected to peak. You can start watching as early as midnight or from 3am onwards, if you plan to sleep a bit first. If you watch at 5am, the Leonid seems to be coming from a point in the east, halfway up in the sky. This year, the point is marked by a red 'star'. It is not a star, but planet Mars!!! What a good reward for waking up early on that day! You got to view two nice event in one night or rather morning. 

You can view this event from anywhere but preferably with minimal light pollution especially from the East. If clouds are present, look at the sky where there are less cloud cover. If clear sky all the way, then see overhead. Overhead is good as the light pollution is less intense at this part of the sky. 

I'll be watching from my observatory site at Balik Pulau. Please drop me an email if you plan to join. ([email protected])




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