This is one of the brightest and finest nebula in the sky. It is also a nursery for stars; the giant cloud of gases will collapsed to form young stars!

It is located in the constellation of Sagittarius. June till September will be a good time to see this object. However, in Malaysia, these months are also famous for hazy months. 

From dark sky, you can see the nebula with your naked eye. It appeared as a patch of light to the left of Scorpio's tail. Use a star chart to navigate. There are way too many interesting objects in the vacinity as we are now looking at the center of our universe. 

Photography detail:

Taken by C. K. Lim

Telescope: Mak-Newt 190

Camera: Canon 300D

Exposure:The photo is a combination of images taken on two separate night. One of the night is used to take colour data of the photo and on other night, a special filter was used to capture the H-a information. H-a stands for hidrogen-alpha which essentially represented by the red part of the nebula. 

RGB DATA 27th April 2009 23x180sec @ 800ASA

H-a DATA 16th May 2009 16x300sec @ 800ASA

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