This is the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. It's diameter is 11 times larger than the Earth. It is also known as gas giant. When you look at Jupiter, you are not looking at the surface of the planet. Instead, you are looking at the cloud top of the planet. The different gases gives different colours that you see on Jupiter. There are hidrogen, nitrogen, helium and traces of other gases. 
Jupiter spins around its axis in the period of 10 hours. (compare to Earth, it is 24 hours) This is fast especially for planet as big as Jupiter. The fast spin causes the gases to form brown lines and other features you can see on the planet through a telescope. Another feature that you can see on the planet is the Great Red Spot. GRS can be seen at upper right of the planet in the above photo. It is actually hurricane-like storm, twice the size of Earth.
This photo was taken through an 14 inch telescopes by C. K. Lim from Balik Pulau, Penang.

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