A special observation for Geminid Meteor shower will be held on the night of 13th December 2012 till morning of 14th December 2012. There are a couple of observation sites available.

One is in USM at the hockey stadium. For more information on this observation site, please contact Dr. Chong (USM Astronomy Club advisor) at 016-3157318.

The other observation site, which is darker, will be at my observatory at Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau. If you have GPS, this is the coordinate.

5deg 18min 27.6N

100deg 12min 14.74E

Call 012-431 7980 if you have problem finding the site.

This year event will be better as there will not be any interference from the Moon. If the weather is clear, expect to see several tens of meteors per hour from 10pm till early the next day. We have seen over 500 meteors in 2004!

You do not need special equipment to see the meteor. Just your naked eye will do. Find a dark place and look due east and overhead. If clouds are present, find a spot in the sky where you can see many stars. No one will know when a meteor appears. So, you need some patience. 

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