This is a late notice, but better late than never.

Today, 1st Dec 2008, at sunset, you'll be able to see three celestial
objects very close together in the evening sky.

What are these objects? They are Venus, Jupiter and very thin crescent

What do you need? Just a good pair of eyes. kidding.

In Penang, you can observe along the coastal road, such as the one in
front of Queensbay Mall. Do try to reach your observation site before
sunset. Sunset today will be at 7.02pm.

Look west, that is looking toward the sunset sky.

First object you'll notice is the crescent Moon. It is a day 4 Moon.
IF the sky is clear, you'll notice that there is something 'odd' of
this crescent Moon. You may be able to see the 'whole' Moon instead of
a crescent Moon. The brightly lighted part will form the crescent Moon
while the rest of the Moon is visible too, faintly. This dimly lighted
up Moon is call the Earth shine. The sunlight hit the Earth and get
reflected back to the Moon.

Then as your eye get adjusted, you'll see two 'stars' above the Moon.
The brighter 'star' on the left is Venus! while the upper right is

And together with the Moon, they form a 'smiley'.

Don't forget to bring your camera along. Any camera will do. If you
have a tripod, do bring it along. Point your camera and take a series
of exposure. You can try different exposure time and different zoom.
Hopefully one will be a keeper.

To learn more, do go to spaceweather. com

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