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This scope is a shift up from BK705AZ3. The objective lens is a large 90mm in diameter. That means 65% more light gathering than the 70mm model. Objects will appear brighter and you can achieve higher maximum power. The mount is a robust EQ2 that comes with slow motion control. When properly setup, you can track an object across the sky manually with ease. 

Lens size: 90mm

Focal length: 900mm

Max power: 180x

Finder scope: 6x30mm

Mount model: EQ2

Eyepiece: 25mm and 10mm

(You are recommended to purchase optional accessories such as 2x barlow, 40mm eyepiece etc)

Price: RM1495  Promotion Price: RM1195!!

                                             (Limited time only)


Shipping is FREE within Pen. Malaysia via sky-net courier service.

Note: The above image is for illustration only. Actual colour and accessories that comes with it may be different.

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